Food Preserving Workshops – August 5th and 12th.

Join us for our upcoming jam-making and pickling workshops at the Bradley Centre, 975 Shearme Road. Learn this time-honoured skill from local farmer and canning expert, Connie Kuramoto. Tickets are $30. and limited to 10 per class.

Making Jam – August 5th, 1-4 pm
Let’s get jamming! Capture some of that summer fruit in a jar, so that you can enjoy it all year round. During this 3-hour workshop you will learn about making jams and jellies, including low sugar, artificial sweetener, and honey options. freezer jams, chia seed instant jam. We will talk about different types of pectin, and how to make jam without pectin. You will also learn how to safely use a boiling water bath to preserve your jam and seal the jars. Bring your apron if you wear one, this is a hands-on workshop and everyone goes home with a jar of what they have made. Have fun, save money, and learn to make your own jam. Space is limited so sign up early here at our Eventbrite page

Making Pickles – August 12th, 1-4 pm
Let’s get pickled! Pickling is a great, easy way to preserve vegetables for winter. Once you learn the basics of pickling you can create your own variations using different vegetables and different seasoning. Learn about which vinegars to use, and how to safely preserve these pickles so that they keep well into the following year. We will use a boiling water bath method to preserve our pickles, and everyone will go home with a jar of pickles that we have made. This is a fun hands-on workshop, bring your apron if you wear one, and be prepared to slice, chop, and measure. Space is limited so sign up early, here at our Eventbrite page.

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