Welcome to the new Moilliet St. Community Pantry

Here it is, our new and improved Moilliet St. Community Pantry, located at 138 Moilliet St. in Parksville. Thanks to the home’s resident, Gaylene,, we were able to implement the idea last April 2020 as a way to share seedlings and garden produce with our Parksville neighbours. Our intention was to encourage more home-gardening and self-sufficiency, as well as just spreading a little kindness in a new, pandemic world. It grew over the summer and kept going through the winter months, with donations of canned goods and other food items.

New and improved Moilliet St. Community pantry, built and stocked with a Neighbourhood Emergency Response grant from Parksville Qualicum Foundation. Feb 26, 2020.

We built the new stand with a grant from the PQB Foundation, and already it’s been embraced by members of the neighbourhood, who’ve been regularly donating food and pantry items.

Last year we shared over 1000 vegetable and greens seedlings, there, and many pounds of garden produce and local fruit, gleaned from neighbourhood trees. This year we hope to double that, or more.

Want to donate your produce, canned goods, seeds or seedlings? Generally you can just drop them off at the property at 138 Moilliet St. Otherwise, send an email to info@pqbfruit.org or Facebook messenger.

Day one of our community pantry, sharing seedlings, soil and spring flowers on April 26, 2020.
Moilliet Street Community Pantry version 2.0. More seedlings and fresh produce, plus some pantry items on the side. June 25, 2020